5 Simple Rules Of What Your Clients Want To See When They Walk Into The Beauty Center

Today I am guiding you through the process of raising the level of service and creating an experience that your clients will remember.

The goal is greater customer retention and more recommendations for your beauty salon in the future.

Everyone had an experience where they were either very disappointed with the service or amazed at the way they were treated.

I want you to think about your thoughts and feelings while you are in each of these situations. Even think about how YOU are feeling while having a client on your premises.

Are you providing them with the user experience you want? Are you leaving them with the feeling that you cannot wait for them to come back? Or do you simply feel like you never want to see them again?

Usually, you can sense how someone feels, especially on your premises!
Let’s go through a few key steps you MUST take to provide the best-rated user experience!


Greet your customers AS SOON AS they arrive! Take 5 seconds to look your clients in the eye, and smile.

After greeting them and introducing yourself, tell the client what the next step is. Let them know that they may be there for a few more minutes, but that during that time they can sit down and wait for you. It is always nice to have magazines available, as well as a screen with all your services that will appear and change in form of photos or videos.

If you are ready for them right away, tell them where they can put their belongings, hang their jacket, and then take them to the place where the treatment will be done and ask them to sit down.

Offer your customers a drink. This may seem like a small step, but it’s a step that is highly valued. Your client may be nervous if this is their first time, so a little bit of water can help them talk during the detailed consultation you will have.


Everyone wants to feel special, so it would be great to make a personalized plan for your client based on the services you provide.

Make it a habit to think of your client as an individual for whom you can create a specialized program.

Make sure you choose the best combination of treatments for your client.

Be confident and very clear in explaining what treatments you offer and what will be the ultimate goal.

In this way, you will ensure that the client has confidence in your work and professionalism and that the client will come back to you in the future, as well as excellent results.

What is a better recommendation for your salon than great results?


When you first talk to a client, remember that you are essentially on a first date.

You are preparing to change the way someone is looking and feeling.

They are probably nervous and it is YOUR job to find out what they want and to relax them if they are afraid before treatment.

Be honest, and tell them exactly how many more visits they will have and how much it will cost them in the end.


Try to complete your service as soon as possible, so as not to take up too much time for your client.

Your client will be more satisfied if your service is as short and efficient as possible.

Do not procrastinate treatments and sell more treatments than necessary, be professional and solve the problem to your client as effectively as possible.

They appreciate it the most.


Your space should be very clean, sunny, shiny, and radiant. It needs to be bright and to radiate warmth.

When someone enters for the first time, they should feel very comfortable.

To complete the feeling of beauty and purity, add music. Ambient, instrumental music that will beautify the atmosphere.

I personally like fresh flowers in the reception area of the salon, it gives me the impression of freshness and warmth.

You and your associates should always have a smile on your face and be kind, professional, and confident.

Don’t forget that you love and appreciate the work you do because you are changing the look and life of your clients for the better!

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