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My name is Jelena Mišić, Phi Academy Grand Master.

Transforming those with skin problems into satisfied clients is my greatest motivation and I pass this goal onto my students.

After graduating from the College of Medical Health studies in Belgrade and completing my internship at the Department of Dermatology of the General Hospital in Loznica, I became the owner of a cosmetics studio in 2004. Prior to this I was employed in another salon, but quickly realised my entrepreneurial streak and decided to pursue my own innovative path.

This go-getter attitude was not motivated by material needs, rather by my passion and genuine enjoyment in the work I do. From the beginning, I wanted to cut my own path, make my clients feel happy, and share with them the power and joy of beauty and health.

I approach this industry with personal evolution as my top priority. I am always seeking better treatments; my principle is the solve client problems first, in the most efficient manner, and never to stall for monetary gain or to simply keep my schedule filled.

Shortly after starting, I reached a point where my studio no longer needed to be advertised. Client recommendation – word of mouth – became all that was required. An explorer at heart, I conquered a mild fear of public speaking and participated in as many conferences, seminars and forums as I could, overcoming the last barrier in my professional career.

Nowadays, I like to work with students remind me of myself when I was at my turning point. Those who have experience but also a desire for progress. Those who wish to master their craft and through it decide their own working hours and priorities – whatever they may be.

In my eighteen years of experience in the field of anti-aging treatment, microneedling, microblading, mesotherapy, lipolysis, hyaluronic fillers, permanent makeup, or treatment of problematic skin, acne, benign skin changes removal, I have recognised Phi Academy as the best path in reaching my potential and true financial independence.

I was among the first students of the Phi Academy and I am a proud owner of numerous titles from various fields taught by the Academy such as Phi-Ion Master, Microneedling Grand Master, Microneedling Phibright Grand Master, Philings Master, Phibrows Senior Technician, Phicontoure Technician, Phiremoval Technician and Phinjection Technician.

Out of tens of thousands of students that successfully entered the Phi Academy system, I am one of more than 300 practitioners who have reached the title of Craft Master. Even as one of the first Phi Academy-licensed experts, with years of vast experience behind me, improvement remains a key motivator for me. I am constantly re-investing into my education and training, to this day mastering new techniques and keeping up with the latest developments in medical treatments, techniques and technology.

I apply this idea of excellence in my own courses and am always pushing students to progress in their craft and be ready to apply new skills.

I give instructions for mastering new techniques in a clear and concise manner, valuing the students and my own time. I can pass knowledge on to students in a short time, meaning you will be able to apply new techniques independently and successfully immediately.

Currently, I teach the following courses: Phi-Ion, Phillings, Phillings advanced, Microneedling Phibright and Spot Reducer.

So far, I have trained students from: USA, France, UK, Ireland, Serbia, Croatia, New Zeland, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Serbia, Bahrain, France, United Arab Emirates, Poland, India, Brazil, Israel, Belgium, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Spain, Italy…

Take your business to the next level, stand out, and put yourself on the map!

Jelena Mišić
Grand Master, Phi Academy

My Work


Skin lesions removal with phi ion pen pro✅To become certified Phi Ion Technician click the link in bio 📍PHI ION COURSE

This work is done by my amazing @ninaapaindegi 👏👏👏proud of you 💫

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Say goodbye to those annoying keratosis and skin tags for good!

Our PhiIon Plasma Pen Pro is a revolutionary device that you can use to remove keratosis, skin tags or other skin lesions with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Plasma Pen Pro delivers precise and effective results, leaving skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Whether keratosis is on the face, neck, or body, our students learn to target the affected area with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Don't let keratosis or skin tags hold your clients back from feeling confident and beautiful. Sign up for the PhiIon course and become an expert in skin rejuvenation.

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Hola a todos! I'm excited to announce the upcoming PhiIon workshop! We are in Spain on April 22.

I think that this is an incredible opportunity for all of you to learn from the best in the beauty industry and acquire the art of PhiIon treatments using the latest techniques and technologies.

Our training program is designed to help you develop the skills you need to become a successful PhiIon professional, while providing a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

Join us for this interesting experience and take your beauty career to new heights!

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This is students work 👏👏very confident and very precise. And very effective. Do you know how she learnt to do this? Through my video instructions in the course, watching and learning then repeat the process ✅easily ❤️ @ninaapaindegi

To start the phi ion course click the link in bio 📍

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Having a clear goal is key to a successful business.

If you're in the beauty industry and looking to take your business to the next level by taking one of my courses - feel free to book a 15 minutes FREE CONSULTATIONS.

Let's take the next step together.

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💫The usage of this treatment is on the rise, so now is a good time to further your career. You can cure and fix many skin problems, such as:

✨Fine lines
✨Sun damage
✨Stretch marks
✨Acne scars
✨Pigment issues
✨Pore size
✨Skin texture
✨Reducing stretch marks
✨Hair loss

📍start today 📍link is in bio: PHIBRIGHT

❤️this amazing video is made by my dear @phibright_plamenayordanova ❤️

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Are you thinking about which course is best for you? Here are some tips to help you to make right decision:
Define your goals - think about the skills or techniques that you want to learn through the course and what your long-term goals are in the beauty industry.

Consider your current knowledge - assess your current knowledge and experience in the beauty field and take a course that matches your level.

Think about the duration and cost of the course - consider the time you're willing to dedicate to the course and how much you're willing to pay for it.

Research all available options - explore all the Phi Academy courses that are available to you, read course descriptions and reviews from other students.

If you need additional help choosing a course, you can book a free 15-minute consultation with me as a Phi Master Educator and I will help you to make the right decision, check the link in bio.

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💫skin tightening with phi ion pen pro✅
Start the course, link in bio 📍this great work is done by my amazing student and colleague @lidia.martinez.master 👏👏👏❤️

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💫Microneedling is a refined collagen induction therapy. Using a special electronic device, therapists create tiny holes in the top layer of the skin to activate chemicals under the skin surface. This stimulates collagen re-growth along with other cells.
1. Lift and tighten skin

2. Minimize skin discoloration

3. Reduce the appearance of acne or other eligible scars

4. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

5. Minimize pore size

6. Improve the appearance of stretch marks.

💫start microneedling course📍click the link in bio

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In one of the previous polls, you told me that your clients are most often interested in removing wrinkles and acne scars.

So, here are some examples of before and after photos of the PhiIon technique applied to just these skin conditions.

The results are great, aren't they?

If you are ready to learn how to do it yourself, book a free 15 consultation with me, and lets see where can you start.

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💫It has never been easier and safer to learn the plasma fibroblast technique through online course📍
💫When you enroll in the course, the starter kit arrives at your address within a few days and you receive an electronic certificate of participation and access to the craft master where there are lessons and detailed video instructions step by step on how to perform the treatments.
💫When you complete all the levels in the course, and there are 8 of them, you will receive a stamped version of the Phi ion Technician certificate at the address and unique Phi academy certification number with your name and logo.
💫start today 📍click the link in my bio ❤️

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In today's video, I will show you how my students take their first steps.

In the PhiIon course, you will learn how to use the plasma pen device, a minimally invasive cosmetic tool for precisely oriented sublimation of the surface layer of the skin.

The course has eight levels, and level 1 is practice on a banana.

See how it looks.

#phiioncourse #phiion #plasmapen #practice #firststep

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You don't need a magic wand for under eye wrinkles for your customers - just a Plasma pen pro!

Look at this incredible result achieved by the Plasma fibroblast technique day by day.
If you want to learn more about this technique and help your clients with skin rejuvenation, the PhiLings course is just for you.

In this course, you will learn not one, but two techniques - Microneedling and Plasma fibroblast.

If you want to learn how to help your customers with wrinkles and put your salon on the map - check the link in bio.
👏👏this great work is done by my dear student @fruzsinalaib_phibudapest ❤️

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💫phi ion pen pro
Great job done by @bylidiamartinez_pmu 👏👏👏

📍link in bio to start the course PHI ION COURSE

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If you already finished PhiLings course, but want to upgrade your skills and expand your offer with even more treatments - PhiLings Advanced is made just for you!

Once you finish this course, you will be able to expand the number of treatments in your business and do those more complex ones.

Here are some of the new things you will be able to do:
✨ treating fine lines,
✨ sun damages on the skin,
✨ pigment issues,
✨ reduce pore sizes,
✨ and improve skin texture.

With the knowledge from Philings basic course it is more than 20 skin conditions you can treat and solve whitin your beauty salon. This course contains my whole phi ion course.

Without self-improvement, there is no progress, so start today!

Check the link in bio for more informations.

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Selling a business??? Oh yes!! If someone had told me this just a few years ago, I would have said nooo, not at all! Today I know what growth is, what development is and what the path to new, bigger goals is. Today, I am comfortable living it.
I sold my cosmetic studio with pleasure, which grew with me for 18 years. It’s time to the next level. I have new projects in front of me, new plans and goals and I can't wait for all the new experiences to come.
Being an entrepreneur is the most beautiful thing in the world and synonyms for entrepreneurship are courage, love, growth and trust.
For the first 15 years, I invested in knowledge about treatments. And for the last few years, I've been invested in education about management too, promotion sales and mindset to grow from one man show to sustainable business. Just all together gives the best results and expansion.
I am grateful to everyone who is on my journey with me now, who was and who will be ❤️

I’ll share more my experiences through posts and newsletters on the topics: entrepreneurship in the skin care field, sales and marketing, employees, management, promotion of brand, mindset, education and development, from angle of worker & owner.
📍link is in bio.💫

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💫With the Phibright microneedling course, you will learn how to create unique and personalized treatments for each client and their skin type.
💫If You Are a Beginner Don’t Worry! You Will Learn All About the Microneedling Technique and How It Works. That is right! Even if you never had experience with the microneedling technique through certified microneedling training you will learn all the essentials – how to use microneedling and how to conduct Pirbright treatment without any trouble.

📍click the link in my bio for all info about PHIBRIGHT COURSE 📍

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There is no better choice for you than PhiIon course if you want to make amazing results in beauty industry.

With this non-invasive technique, your clients will forget about wrinkles, spots, acne scars, strech marks and other similar skin conditions in just a few treatments.

What is that than pure magic?

Over 700 my students all over the world and their clients are confirmation that we are doing an excelent job!.

If you want to be one of them - check the link in my bio or book a free 15 minutes consultation with me.

Lets find out what I can do for you :)

See you in the PhiIon course.

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Do you know that our PhiIon Pro Pen has six different attachments? Because of that, this powerful tool offers a range of treatment options for stunning results.

PhiIon Pro Pen safely and effectively rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles, and even removes unwanted skin lesions.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the beauty industry, the PhiIon pro device is a must-have in your toolkit.

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