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My name is Jelena Mišić, Phi Academy Grand Master.

Transforming those with skin problems into satisfied clients is my greatest motivation and I pass this goal onto my students.

After graduating from the College of Medical Health studies in Belgrade and completing my internship at the Department of Dermatology of the General Hospital in Loznica, I became the owner of a cosmetics studio in 2004. Prior to this I was employed in another salon, but quickly realised my entrepreneurial streak and decided to pursue my own innovative path.

This go-getter attitude was not motivated by material needs, rather by my passion and genuine enjoyment in the work I do. From the beginning, I wanted to cut my own path, make my clients feel happy, and share with them the power and joy of beauty and health.

I approach this industry with personal evolution as my top priority. I am always seeking better treatments; my principle is the solve client problems first, in the most efficient manner, and never to stall for monetary gain or to simply keep my schedule filled.

Shortly after starting, I reached a point where my studio no longer needed to be advertised. Client recommendation – word of mouth – became all that was required. An explorer at heart, I conquered a mild fear of public speaking and participated in as many conferences, seminars and forums as I could, overcoming the last barrier in my professional career.

Nowadays, I like to work with students remind me of myself when I was at my turning point. Those who have experience but also a desire for progress. Those who wish to master their craft and through it decide their own working hours and priorities – whatever they may be.

In my eighteen years of experience in the field of anti-aging treatment, microneedling, microblading, mesotherapy, lipolysis, hyaluronic fillers, permanent makeup, or treatment of problematic skin, acne, benign skin changes removal, I have recognised Phi Academy as the best path in reaching my potential and true financial independence.

I was among the first students of the Phi Academy and I am a proud owner of numerous titles from various fields taught by the Academy such as Phi-Ion Master, Microneedling Grand Master, Microneedling Phibright Grand Master, Philings Master, Phibrows Senior Technician, Phicontoure Technician, Phiremoval Technician and Phinjection Technician.

Out of tens of thousands of students that successfully entered the Phi Academy system, I am one of more than 300 practitioners who have reached the title of Craft Master. Even as one of the first Phi Academy-licensed experts, with years of vast experience behind me, improvement remains a key motivator for me. I am constantly re-investing into my education and training, to this day mastering new techniques and keeping up with the latest developments in medical treatments, techniques and technology.

I apply this idea of excellence in my own courses and am always pushing students to progress in their craft and be ready to apply new skills.

I give instructions for mastering new techniques in a clear and concise manner, valuing the students and my own time. I can pass knowledge on to students in a short time, meaning you will be able to apply new techniques independently and successfully immediately.

Currently, I teach the following courses: Phi-Ion, Phillings, Phillings advanced, Microneedling Phibright and Spot Reducer.

So far, I have trained students from: USA, France, UK, Ireland, Serbia, Croatia, New Zeland, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Serbia, Bahrain, France, United Arab Emirates, Poland, India, Brazil, Israel, Belgium, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Spain, Italy…

Take your business to the next level, stand out, and put yourself on the map!

Jelena Mišić
Grand Master, Phi Academy

My Work


Watching successful people from beside we just see them on the top and we usually just wish to get to the same place as soon as possible.
Rarely anyone sees the road that someone has to pass in order to get to the top.

That highest peak is achievable to anyone, but it does take major steps and a lot of effort to get there. To become a successful Phi Master there are 5 steps to be obtained.

In today's video, I am revealing to you my road to success.
Listen carefully because it can also be your road to a successful Phi Master, who travels all around the globe and makes the lives of other people better in multiple ways.

As a Phi master and your educator, I will be there for you, supporting you through the whole journey. 😊

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💫When the inflammatory processes are resolved and after many classic skin cleansing treatments, it is the turn of microneedling, which will speed up the regeneration process and reduce acne scars.
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💫Special patern for eyelids lifting ✅✅ Great job done by my dear student @bylidiamartinez_pmu 👏
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💫🤩Luxury in Belgrade✨ ...

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💫When you can’t decide, take all three pairs😄🥰❤️life loves you🤗 ...

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💫 “People get what they want in life when they reach the point at which they can see themselves having what they seek.” ❤️

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💫Philings is a great for dehydrated skin, dry skin or oily and problematic skin📍click the link in my bio and see more about Philings course. P.s you can start today with your online course if you want ❤️

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💫Phi ion technique 🤩🤩
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❤️this amazing job is done by my dear student

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💫Philings is amazing technique for saggy skin on eyelids as well as skin with wrinkles ✅ In Philings bonus is microneedling technique ✅ To learn how to do both treatments properly and achieve results check the link in my bio📍Philings course
🤩This amazing job is done by my dear student @sk__beautycare

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💫My favorite kind of treatments!! Transformation!!🥰🥰 Great job done by @_katryncecchini_phi
Love it❤️👏👏👏 Do you like to make transformation on your clients??

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💫Philings workshop Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 10th & 11th September 🔜✅
Email for all info: gaga03@live.se

See you soon 🔜❤️

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