You damaged the client’s skin with Plasma Pen

You have caused damage to your client’s skin due to incorrect handling of the plasma pen device. The client is angry and scared, and you don’t know how to react? Let’s see first what is the possible cause of incorrect handling of the device. I will share with you one of my student’s stories. My […]

How Did I Become More Precise In My Work?

First thing you think is plasma pen? I remember the period when I started performing very precise treatments. Those were treatments such as permanent makeup, plasma fibroblasts, lipolysis, mesotherapy, etc. I needed a calm hand and an even calmer mind. I did not know then that the state of mind moves the hand. Yes, if […]

How can you become a Master too

What is Master and how can you become a Master too? I believe that you already know that the path of an entrepreneur is not easy. There is a saying that goes “Fortune favours the bold”. I think that happiness always finds diligent and persistent ones. I deeply believe in experience, quality, and honest work. […]