The quickest way to remove spots!

Babor spot reducer technique Considering that changes on the skin are the most common problem, we should not be surprised that treatments for removing such changes are becoming more and more popular. Skin is a living biological barrier and has many functions, from vital to cosmetic – it acts as a mechanical barrier, and protects […]

How Did I Become More Precise In My Work?

First thing you think is plasma pen? I remember the period when I started performing very precise treatments. Those were treatments such as permanent makeup, plasma fibroblasts, lipolysis, mesotherapy, etc. I needed a calm hand and an even calmer mind. I did not know then that the state of mind moves the hand. Yes, if […]

How can you become a Master too

What is Master and how can you become a Master too? I believe that you already know that the path of an entrepreneur is not easy. There is a saying that goes “Fortune favours the bold”. I think that happiness always finds diligent and persistent ones. I deeply believe in experience, quality, and honest work. […]

My Students Achieve Amazing Course Results

It Is An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All Have you ever wondered how long it will take you to master the course skills and become a professional in new techniques? Students who have taken my courses are successful beauticians today, who excel in their knowledge and skills. When they first started, they were […]