PhiLings Advanced

If you wish to take your Philings knowledge to a higher level, you can sign up for our Philings Advanced course. This course is the next step in improving your knowledge in Philings treatments.

What is Philings Advance Online Course?

Once you are finished with our Philings course, you will get a chance to deepen your knowledge and perfect your skills in Philings treatments. The course will cover the things you learned in our Phillings course but with a more profound approach. You will even get a chance to see performances on live models.

With Philings Treatment You Will Master Two Techniques

If you have not graduated from and do not have a certificate of completion of a Philings course you cannot start this course, as it is solely intended as an upgrade of your existing knowledge. However, if you are interested you can sign up for our Philings course and start your beauty treatment business today. So what is Philings course? It is an innovative non-invasive and non-surgical anti-aging and skin regeneration treatment that uses the skin’s natural regeneration mechanism. Philings course uses two techniques, microneedling and Phi Ion Plasma.

Microneedling Technique
Microneedeling is a skin regeneration and rejuvenation treatment that stimulates the natural production of collagen. In this course, you will learn how to use an electric microneedling machine, which has tiny microneedles that are used to penetrate the epidermis of the skin. This machine aims to stimulate skin regeneration and inject specialized serums into the deeper layers of the skin, which will help improve or treat various skin conditions.
You Will Learn How to Use Plasma Pen Too
Another procedure that you will learn in the Philings advanced course is how to use the Plasma Pen for anti-aging and rejuvenation purposes. A plasma pen is a device that targets the skin cells in charge of collagen and proteins-producing. Plasma Pen uses plasma from the air to make a tiny eschar on the skin. This will make the area tighten, due to natural skin response to the treatment. Plasma Pen is an innovative device that is the future of aesthetic non-invasive treatments.

You Can Use These Techniques to Treat Numerous Conditions

Once you finish our course, you will be able to expand the offer of treatments you perform in your business. From acne scar removal to wrinkle reduction procedure, with the Philings Course, you can treat both conditions because you will get to learn two techniques in one course. Here are some of the effects you can achieve:

  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Pigment issues
  • Pore size
  • Skin texture
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Reducing stretch marks
  • Wrinkle treatments,
  • Reducing the wrinkles under the eyes,
  • Reducing stretch marks,
  • Acne scars removal
  • Reducing scars,
  • Skin tags removal,
  • Treating various other changes on the skin (milia, capillaries, papilloma, warts, fibromas, keratosis, cherry angiomas, blemishes.)

Who Can Sign Up for Philings Advanced Training?

As we mentioned for Philings Advance Online Course, only the students that graduate on a Philings course can apply. There is no need for you to have any experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry, and there is no need to have any medical knowledge whatsoever. If you are keen to learn something new and wish to start your own business, this is the right starting point. In just three months, you will get an eminent PhiAcademy certificate. And Craft Master Jelena Misic will guide you through the course and give you advice on how to start your business and how to make all your hard work and investment in knowledge pay off.

Why Choose Philings Advanced Online Course

There are numerous benefits of online courses, but probably one of the most significant ones is that you take the lessons anytime in the day without any schedules and obligations. If you are a business owner, perfecting your skills will not impact your working hours. If you take our Philings Advanced course, you will compound the knowledge you had from the previous course, but you will also get a chance to advance in PhiAcademy maybe one day become a Craft Master yourself.

Most importantly, the feeling that you have mastered the Philings course means finishing the advanced course will be much easier. You will not struggle with some beginners’ mistakes, and you will be less stressed. The course will be divided into 12 lessons:

  • Introductory part with a description of the course and techniques
  • All about skin
  • Skin aging
  • Skin types and conditions
  • Advanced techniques
  • Hygiene
  • Products
  • Indications for treatment
  • Device description
  • Clients
  • Working on a live model (video materials with detailed steps of treatment)
  • Frequently asked questions from clients

With Philings Advanced Course, You Will Get More Than Knowledge

We strive to make all of our students to be ready to start with the treatments as soon as they finish the course. And yes, you will get the necessary knowledge, which is priceless, but you will also be equipped with the high-quality products we use in our treatments. This will place you on the map of innovative skincare professionals. The price for this course is only € 1050 or $1,200, but aside from the lessons and certification, once you pass all the tests, you will also get a starter kit at your home address – no matter if you live in the USA or Thailand. Here is what is included in Philings Advanced course kit:

  • Scars needling gel 5/1 – 2 bags
  • Spots needling gel 5/1 – 2 bags
  • Body needling gel 5/1 – 2 bags
  • Hair growth serum – 5 pieces
  • Skin Candy Scar Protection – 9 pieces
  • Skin Candy Sun & Sweat Protection – 9 pieces
  • PhiWipes Asept – 20 pieces


When Signing up for the Philings advanced course, among other lessons about microneedling and phi ion pro full course, you will also be receiving a bonus lecture with video instructions:
⁃ How to use ACNE tip for reduction of acne and inflammation.
⁃ How to use the FRACTIONAL tip for smoothing out the wrinkles, or for the better absorption of the gels used for the treatments.
⁃ How to do CLASSIC FACIAL TREATMENT with comedo extraction (cleaning out the pores of debris and other accumulated contents) The procedure is also used to treat acne that has become inflamed or to remove comedones that develop very close to inflamed acne.

And did we mention that craft master Jelena Misic will be at your disposal for any questions and guidance? So, start a new chapter of your life today.


The course is available in two languages – English and Spanish.

The course price

The price of the course is 850 eur which includes the costs of course delivery to the student’s address.

Important notice: Starter kit can’t be sent to Australia.
With the completed course you get training and a certificate. Check in your city/country if you need a special license to perform the treatment.

If the shipment is not accepted or returns the course or cannot be imported into the country, the shipping costs of DHL express will be deducted from the total amount of the course orderer.

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United Kingdom

Chiara Friello

“I completed the PhiLings course with Jelena. She is a fantastic PhiLings Master. She is very positive and supportive and passionate about her work. The course is challenging, but very enjoyable. I found the theory side of the course fascinating because I have a passion for anatomy and physiology. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge further in the future and studying the PhiLings advanced courses.

Chiara Friello
(Owner of Cosmética Beauty Clinic)”

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