There is no better choice for you than The Phillings course if you wish to learn both microneedling and plasma fibroblast techniques. With the Phillings course, you will learn to use both techniques and acquire tools for many different treatments that achieve immediate and lasting results. Upgrade your knowledge with Craft Master application and a three-month microneedling and Phi plasma pen course, which offers a wide range of techniques used in the skin tightening industry.

Become Part of a Leading Beauty Industry From the Comfort of Your Home

One of the main benefits of Philings and Plasma Pen Fibroblast training courses is that this is one of the fastest-growing industries in cosmetology, aside from being one of the latest skin rejuvenation techniques. With this course, you will master the technique of using both Plasma Pen and Microneedling Pen.

This popular surface treatment technology showed extreme effectiveness in wrinkle smoothing and skin tags removal. It is a low-risk nonsurgical procedure and inexpensive to operate because it uses heat to tighten and smooth out the skin. Additionally, its effects last longer than any other solution on the market, such as Botox.
Jelena Misic provides top-notch expertise in teaching and supervising the training, and with her input, you will be able to enrich your business and pass this knowledge on to other future trainees.

What Is Plasma Pen Fibroblast Training?

The Phi Ion plasma technique is the most advanced technique currently available, which uses heated ionized air to evaporate a sub-millimeter area of the skin, causing the skin to shrink and instantly smooth out. It can improve overall skin tone and help with saggy skin and wrinkles in any area. Air in the form of plasma is administered through a probe into small areas of the skin, causing the skin to permanently tighten.
Aside from upper, mid and lower facial treatments, the Phi Ion plasma technique can be used on many other body areas – such as decolletage, legs, stomach etc.

With One Course Become a Master of Two Techniques! Microneedling Training Is One of the Best Wrinkle Treatments

Another training you will receive during the Philings Course is Microneedling. Microneedling is a technique used to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin in order to produce more collagen by inserting micro sterilized needles into the outer layer of the skin. After the microneedling procedure, the skin receives more vitamins, stimulants, and other nutrients. Microneedling effects reach deeper layers of the skin and cause the tissue to recover and grow more cells.
With the Microneedling course, you can learn to counteract a wide range of skin conditions such as saggy skin, fine lines, wrinkles under the eyes, acne scars, scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks, and much more.
Our skin heals, but that process slows down with age, sun damage, and trauma to the skin. Both treatments mentioned above are natural and noninvasive and provide a nonsurgical boost for skin to rejuvenate and repair itself. There are no scalpels or injectables needed, and recovery time is almost nonexistent with minimal side effects.
After treatment, clients receive special supplements developed by the Phi academy to continue skin care.

You Can Start Your Wrinkles Removal Course/Training Today! No Previous Knowledge Is Needed!

This course is intended for everyone who wants to expand their knowledge on wrinkle removal and receive acknowledged training certification.
This cutting-edge technique is highly competitive in the market due to its extreme efficiency and permanence. No prior experience is required for the course because the course is very thorough and lasts three months, during which you will receive constant support and guidance from training Master Jelena.
Aside from your beauty and cosmetology knowledge, after this course, you will be able to expand the offer of your salon with low-cost but very effective services and become a Craft Master yourself.

Start Your Own Business Or Expand the Existing One

Start Your Own Business Or Expand the Existing One
The course includes three months of closely supervised training followed by video material, consultations with our doctors via the Phi application, and a starter kit sent to your address. The starter kit contains tools for performing 20 micro-needling and 40 plasma pen treatments and is a great initial boost for your new line of business.
Additionally, students get free access to three more online courses – The Skin expert course, Hygiene course, and First-class Service course. Students also get a package with photos describing the technique and results, in high quality, which they can use to advertise the technique until they start accomplishing their own results.

Master, Jelena Misic, will give you the tools to build a sustainable and profitable business from the comfort of your own home.

Aside from Wrinkles Removal Training Certification, You Will Receive All the Equipment Needed For
The three-month course includes theoretical online lessons and video lessons (how to do the treatment step by step) that allow course participants to move quickly to the next level and receive their certifications after 12 levels. Ten lessons of Philings course:

  • Introduction
  • Skin
  • Eyelids
  • Hygiene, skin, devices
  • Products
  • Microneedling
  • Phi Ion
  • Aftercare
  • Working on the model (video materials with detailed steps of treatment)
  • Levels


By mastering the theoretical part and video material, it will be very easy for students to quickly pass all the course levels. There are twelve levels. The first five levels entail sending photos of skin preparation and after Microneedling facial treatment has been carried out. The other five levels include sending photos of skin preparations and after Ion treatments on eyelids and facial wrinkles have been performed. The eleventh level involves sending the results achieved after the treatments. The twelfth and last level involves sending answers to several questions related to the work technique and preparations used during treatment.


The course is available in eight languages – English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian or Dutch. Master Jelena Misic teaches in English or Serbian language.

The course price

With the delivery of starter kit to your address – 2,200 eur

Important notice: Starter kit can’t be sent to Canada, Australia and Mexico.
With the completed course you get training and a certificate. Check in your city/country if you need a special license to perform the treatment.

If the shipment is not accepted or returns the course or cannot be imported into the country, the shipping costs of DHL express will be deducted from the total amount of the course orderer.


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Amina Serbieva

The course was great. At first, I was scared to go through it, but my mentor really supported me and showed patience. I am very grateful to Jelena Misic. I want to continue the autumn and go to the top.

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United States

Jordan Nicolette

I felt like I could accurately perform both Microneedling and Plasma! I feel very confident in both of these treatments! So glad I had Jelena as my master. I will take the advanced course with her as well.
Thank you so much for everything!

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United Kingdom

Lidia Martinez Perez

My impressions of the course have been very positive. I think Jelena is very professional and has made my learning journey very easy. Craft Master is a great platform, and with Jelena’s support has been a really pleasant experience. I am very excited to keep working and getting the best feedback from her.

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Saamia Hassaan

Master Jelena Mišić work with patience and encourages me all the time and is also available for support promptly whenever I need her. She takes special interest in her students and her faith in me makes me work with perfection. I will recommend her to everyone who needs such constant support and excellence!
Work has a steady flow and my clients love my work and results. Extremely useful course and my work have doubled.

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United Kingdom

Tihana Besevic (Grkinic)

I am really happy with the outcome of the course, I never thought I will be 100% ready to do clients but I was. The course was very useful. I learned so much. I have happy clients.
And it increased my monthly income. Jelena is an amazing master. I am really pleased I have chosen her to be my Master and mentor. She is helping even when students finish the course. If I need any advice she is very happy to help.

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Zhaleh Ebrahimi

I am forever indebted to you, my dear Master, and also to the Academy.I have made a lot of progress, I have been very successful in my work, as far as the whole country of Iraq now knows me. You are a source of pride.

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Wyandotte, Michigan, United States

Jasmyn Aguirre-Gomez

Taking the PhiLings Course with Master Jelena was definitely a great experience! I appreciate every comment and tip that she gave me that really helped me out throughout this course. Every question that I had she was always there to help me out. Definitely will take an advanced course in the future! This is an amazing course to take if anyone is interested in PhiLings and I definitely recommend it with Jelena Misic!

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