Spot Reducer

The Spot Reducer course teaches how to perform the technique of removing skin blemishes with frio device.

What is the Spot Reducer course and what is the purpose of this technique?

The course entails learning about the technique by using a Frio Pen device.

Spot Reducer uses CO2 gas to freeze hyperpigmented epidermal cells at a temperature of -27 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds.

Extremely cold temperature freezes water in cells and intercellular space. Frozen water spreads and disperses cell membranes. The treated surface tissue separates from the cells, dries, rises to the top and falls off after 10–14 days.

Superficial skin lesions can be treated with Spot Reducer, as can warts, keratoses, papillomas, hyperpigmentation, age spots, solar lentigo, fibroids, cherry angiomas, scars and much more …

Advantages of Frio Pen Spot Reducer

* you do not have to be a doctor or nurse to use it

* therapy is very short

* no anesthesia is needed because it is a practically a painless procedure

* it is one of the least invasive treatments of its kind 

* used in the treatment of almost any benign skin lesions

* Babor Spot Reducer is a device made to top standards and adheres to safety measures.

What do students get?

* 3 months of access to theoretical and video material on the Craft Master application with a detailed presentation of the treatment

* my constant guidance through the course and availability for any help and advice

* the opportunity to send questions to our doctors via the Phiapp application (Dr. Phi)

* home address starter kit with material and devices for performing the treatment. 

The content of the starter kit is as follows:

  • Babor Spot Reducer
  • Cartridge – 6 pieces
  • Phi wipes Asept – 20 pieces
  • Skin Candy Anti Shock 10 ml 9/1 pieces
  • Skin Candy Sun & Sweat protection 10 ml 9/1 pieces

The course overview

The course covers the following topics to make sure that students have acquired the appropriate skills and confidence to do treatments. All lessons are described in detail in the course. The following are the titles of the course modules: 

  1. Theory of skin structure and characteristics of specific skin lesions
  2. Skin lesions
  3. The effect of the sun on the skin and sun protection
  4. Indications and contraindications for treatment
  5. Hygiene
  6. Application techniques
  7. Skin care after treatments and products
  8. Working on a live model: video materials with detailed steps of treatment

Graduation and certificate

To obtain the certificate, students need to go through a number of levels in the Craft Master application that test the following: the ability to determine an indication for treatment; ability to perform it correctly; at least 5 successful treatments documented by photographs (before / immediately after treatment). After successfully passing all levels and graduation, the student will be sent the certificate to their home address.

The course price

The course costs  330 eur, starter kit not included. The starter kit is ordered directly from the Phi Shop on the website:

Important notice: Starter kit can’t t be sent to USA, Canada and Austria

Order now

38,940.00RSD (330.00€) (378.00$)