Spot Reducer

If you need a quick and easy technique for reducing face and body blemishes, this course is for you. The device and procedure are very simple, and after the course, you can start doing treatments immediately by yourself. The course details techniques on how to remove skin tags, warts, and other imperfections in a training process tailored for those with no prior experience.

Expand Your Business and Your Knowledge With An Online Course

Learn how to use the Spot reducer tool to finish each treatment in 2 minutes or less. Learning pace is adjusted for everyone, with each step explained carefully and professionally. Recognize and treat skin lesions, and gain knowledge to pass this experience further. After three months of online studying, you will be able not only to perform this technique but to provide training to others.
Master of this course, Jelena Misic, has a rich portfolio: Microneedling Grand Master, Microneedling Phibright Grand Master, Philings Master, Phibrows Senior Technician, Phicontoure Technician, Phiremoval Technician, and Phinjection Technician. With all that expertise, she will be able to help and offer great insight into your learning process and how to pass this knowledge onto your future trainees.
Investment in this course can double your profit in a short amount of time.

Learn to Use A Frio Pen With The Advanced Spot and Stain Removal Training Course

Treatment involves work with the simplest of devices – Spot reducer. Spot reducer Frio pen uses carbon dioxide gas to deeply freeze damaged skin tissue cells and help healthy cells grow in their place. Damaged cell membranes are destroyed by very low temperatures – up to minus 27 degrees celsius. The tissue heals itself within two weeks after the treatment.

This painless procedure does not involve anesthesia, and the treatment is not time-consuming. There is no prior knowledge needed to perform the procedure and it is completely noninvasive.

What Is This Treatment Used For?
Once you get our skin tags removal training certification, you will be able to perform treatments for a variety of skin conditions, such as skin lesions, such as papilloma, keratosis, and cherry angiomas, thus preventing their further development.
This type of approach to healing skin damage has been known for a long time in medicine, but this technology completely revolutionized the cosmetology industry. Revolution comes from the carbon dioxide used for resurfacing of fine, younger skin. That kind of skin has more capacity to absorb nutrients and rejuvenate the overall look more quickly. A variety of skin conditions and risks that come with the skin changing over time can be mitigated with this simple procedure.

You Will Learn to Remove Age Spots
Aside from the skin conditions we mentioned earlier, probably the most popular and most innovative part of our course is the dark spot removal course. This procedure is what interests most clients’ removal of age spots. Frio pen uses cryotechnology to freeze away unwanted age spots and remove them in the most precise way. The age spots, sun spots, and skin tags will be removed using a precise flow of carbon dioxide and the skin will be frozen for 7-8 seconds. The effects of treatment can be visible after a single treatment. Best of all, the whole procedure is without any or some mild discomfort.

The Course Is for Everyone Who Wishes to Expand Their Knowledge or Gain More

Spot reducer course is intended for everyone who wishes to expand their business and enrich their knowledge in cutting-edge cosmetology techniques. There are no prior certifications or medical diplomas needed in order to enroll.
Maybe you will be the first in your area with this knowledge, thus gaining a market advantage over the competition.
Testimonials from participants worldwide say that it improved the health of their business and income. Already approved and tested – many have done it, why wouldn’t you?
You Will Be Guided by Craft Master Jelena Misic the Whole Duration of the Course
The three-month course offers access to online studying material, with the close supervision of a Master Jelena Misic. You get guidance on how to implement new technologies and help your business grow faster and more profitable.
Consultations and questions to our doctors from the Phi academy via the Phi app will also help.
Additionally, after the course, a starter kit is sent to your home address containing Babor spot reducer, six Cartridges, Phi wipes asept, Skin Candy Anti Shock and Skin Candy Sun (10 ml 9/1 pieces) and Skin Candy Sun & Sweat protection (10 ml 9/1 pieces).
With one cartridge it is possible to remove 30 small dots. Starter kit has 6 cartidges.
Students also get a package with photos describing the technique and results, in high quality, which they can use to advertise the technique until they start accomplishing their own results.

Start learning and growing your business exponentially from the comfort of your home.

Become Part of the Future and Take Your Course Today

The course covers eight lessons and six levels, after which students receive a certificate of completion to their home address. Lessons include:

  1. Theory of skin structure and characteristics of specific skin lesions
  2. Skin lesions
  3. The effect of the sun on the skin and sun protection
  4. Indications and contraindications for treatment
  5. Hygiene
  6. Application techniques
  7. Skincare after treatments and products
  8. Working on a live model: video materials with detailed steps of treatment

The final assessment of the success of the course will be determined by two main criteria – the ability to assess the indications for the procedure and to perform the treatment successfully.
The ability to conduct the procedure successfully will be assessed based on your reported photos of five performed treatments sent before, during, and after the treatment.


The course is English language.

The course price

The course costs  330 eur, starter kit not included. The starter kit is ordered directly from the Phi Shop on the website:

Important notice: Starter kit can’t be sent to Canada, USA, Austria.
With the completed course you get training and a certificate. Check in your city/country if you need a special license to perform the treatment.

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