Philings is a course where students learn to do Plasma and Microneedling techniques. The techniques can be done together or separately.

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PhiLings Advanced

The Philings Advanced course teaches you how to upgrade your knowledge of the Philings technique. It is aimed at further perfecting your skills.

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With the certified Phibright course you will learn all about microneedling and the inject roller technique.

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PhiIon course

In the Phi Ion course, you will learn how to use a plasma pen device for the purpose of skin rejuvenation, improving the condition of the skin and removing changes from the skin.

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Spot Reducer

If you need a quick and easy technique for reducing face and body blemishes, this course is for you.

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With some of the Phi techniques, it is possible to treat and remove acne scars on the skin. But, it is really important to wait for the inflammatory process to heal, and then start treating the skin.

In today's video, I'm leading you through the step-by-step process of how to complete acne removal treatments.

If you want to learn how to do this properly - contact me via DM or check the link in my bio.🆙

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Phi ion pen pro💫 great job done by amazing @_katryncecchini_phi 👏👏👏 to learn how to do this treatments click the link in my bio PHI ION COURSE 💯

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💫Woww this is my student @edytazielinska_pmu work👏👏👏 great job/great results of the treatment 🤩🤩
💯to become my student and learn how to do this treatments click the link in my bio: phiion course 🤍

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This question is often asked by my students during the course or after finishing it. Prices for plasma fibroblast treatments vary from country to country. I noticed that the prices in Europe are different from the ones in the USA. Since I have students all over the world, these are some of the prices I found researching. Prices in Europe range from €200 to €1,500 and in the USA from $300 to $2,000.

Of course, the final price of Plasma treatment will be affected by:
1. The size and position of the area you are working on.

2. Degree of your expertise

3. Average prices on the market

I explained it in detail here in my blog post - the link is in bio.

💫To get certificate and start do plasma fibroblast treatments click the link in my bio: PHI ION COURSE

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The Craft Master application is a completely new online learning concept whereby the application contains the entire training material.
👉 It contains a lot of theoretical and video material relating to the course with very precise instructions for quick learning and mastering the techniques. The benefits of learning through the online platform are as follows: you save travel costs and valuable time; you can study and practice wherever and as much as you want, and I, as a master supervisor, will provide you with precise and dedicated guidance.

✨ You can easily download the CraftMaster app from App and Google Play stores. ✨
💫To activate the course at craft master click the link in my bio and choose the course you like 🤍

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

This was always my guidance. The more I know the more powerful I am. With knowledge and education, I offer more to my clients, I can give more to my students, and can provide more to myself. ✨


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Why should you choose Philings course?
With just one course you can become a master of two techniques - microneedling and fibroplast.

In today's video, find out what benefits these techniques will bring to your clients and your business.
For more info about the course check the link in bio.

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This is what Phi-Ion treatment results look like day by day.
As well as after any other treatment, skin needs some time to recover and calm down.

After treating wrinkles with Phi-Ion Pen Pro it takes 7 to 10 days for the results to be clearly visible. Of course, each person's recovery is individual and depends on the skin condition and type of treatment.

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💫Removal of papilloma very quickly and easily with phi ion pen pro. To learn how to use this device click on link in my bio. If you have any questions schedule free consultation with me, link is in bio too✅💫

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On the PhiIon course, you will learn how to rejuvenate and improve skin conditions through one of the most innovative devices in the skincare industry - the PhiIon Plasma Pen Pro.

If you want to learn everything there is about the plasma fibroblast technique, this course should be your first step. The great thing about it is you can learn and finish the whole course from the comfort of your home. In our online fibroblast training course, you will learn a plethora of treatments and after only three months or less you will be able to do this treatment independently.

Plasma fibroblast therapy is an aesthetic non-invasive professional treatment, meant to tackle wrinkles, loss of collagen, and sagging skin. With the course, you receive a plasma pen - an innovative device that targets the collagen and proteins-producing cells that are in the dermis, called fibroblasts.

Click the link in bio and start today. ⬆👏

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✨ Delegation is one of the most important skills in successful business development. ✨

By delegating, you will get time for the most important (and most profitable) activities. You will be able to do more treatments, and your employees will feel more appreciated and motivated by getting involved in more business-related activities.

Although, it is very important to understand which activities can be delegated and how to delegate them properly. At the link in bio you can find my delegation guide. ⬆
Remember that time is the most precious resource for your business, so use it and organize it wisely. 😎

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One of the treatments you can do with PhiIon pen is tightening the sagging skin of eyelids.
This is how my student Lidia Martinez perform this treatment after she finished PhiIon course. 👏👏👏

If you also want to be able to perform treatments like this - sign up for PhiIon course here 👉 link is in bio.

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New live education is happening next month in the beautiful city of Athens. I am coming to the Greek capital to teach you Phi Ion technique and all treatments you can perform with Phi Ion pen.

If you want to learn a new exclusive technique or just want to practice after a finished PhiIon course - I'll see you in Athens.
Don't forget that besides Phi Ion device and course material, you also get:
✔ 3 months course with lessons and video material on how to perform the treatment step by step. With constant support from me as your Master.

✔ One of the best kits in the beauty industry with Phi Ion pen pro, and all necessary cosmetics for treatments.

✔ BONUS - free and unlimited access to 3 more courses from Phi Academy: Skin Expert Course, First Class Service course and Hygiene course.

✔ Certificate

Book your spot via:
📲 +2106048901 or +6972004341

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