Delegate Your Work And Earn More Money!

If you learn how to work smart, you can even earn more. What does it mean?

We all have limited daily time we can dedicate to our work. Some things can be finished easily but for some of them, you need a lot of time. You can’t be in two places at the same time, right?

Delegation is one of the most important skills in successful business development.

By delegating, you will get time for the most important (most profitable) activities. In this way, you will increase the number of treatments you can do, and your workers will feel better more motivated.

Here is my delegation guide:

  1. Determine which activities can be delegated, and which business areas don’t require your presence.
  2. Choose which employee is the best one for this type of activity, whose qualities and characteristics are most adequate
  3. Remember, the most important thing is to delegate goals, not actions. If you are still constantly there as a supervisor, you haven’t gained free time for more important activities.
  4. Provide feedback. It is important to get information when the activity is completed and in which way.
  5. Reward what has been done. Show that you appreciate it when someone takes responsibility.
  6. Train your employees, even if it initially takes both time and resources, increases productivity in long term.
  7. Don’t delegate crisis situations, as well as disciplinary measures, dismissal of employees, and other highly stressful activities.

Keep in mind that time is the only resource that can’t be compensated so treat it as the most precious segment of your business.