Discover 3 Unquestionable Ways To Lose Your Clients

I will tell you which steps will definitely cause the gradual loss of an increasing number of clients.

1. You don’t follow trends.

Each client enjoys getting the best and most up-to-date service he has discovered. If clients are informed about the new ways of solving problems, then you also must be aware of the innovations and new offers on the market. You don’t have to let them into your salon, but you should be informed, and have an opinion or get in touch with the new work methods. Even a recommendation on how the clients can solve some problems can keep them with you for a long period of time. They will gain your trust and realize that you wish them all the best and that you work for them and not for your own sake.

2. You don’t change.

Not all of us are comfortable with changes. If we are used to doing certain things in one way, it doesn’t mean that it should last forever. Especially not nowadays.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the world is changing day by day and you decide to remain the same. Why? Because now it’s so much easier. But you also know that in the future this is not a good solution and that running your business requires constant progress. At least you need to change the decoration in your salon. Marketing experts say that every 5 years the overall look of the salon should be changed in order to stay in trend and interesting to your clients.

3. You don’t launch new treatments

Like most people, you always offer the same treatments hoping that your hands are more skillful than theirs and that your energy and connection with the client guarantee a long-term relationship. In order not to run your business through hopes and expectations but seriously and strategically, it is necessary to introduce innovations in your offer. For example, start using new devices that can solve a problem that you haven’t solved so far. If you don’t have enough money for expensive devices, invest in your knowledge. Train to upgrade your service to a higher level by charging it more expensively. And why? Because you offer better and more effective results.

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