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May 21ZoomRegister now for the Phi Ion course and join me at the zoom meeting that I will organize on 21st May. All students who apply will have the opportunity to meet me and other students, exchange experiences and ask questions.
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Phi Ion

In the Phi Ion course, you will learn how to use a plasma pen device for the purpose of skin rejuvenation, improving the condition of the skin as well as removing changes from the skin surface. Phi Ion Pen is a minimally invasive cosmetic tool for precisely oriented sublimation of the superficial skin layer. It is based on the transmission of a controlled quantity of energy by ionization of the atmospheric air.

The course lasts 3 months on the craft master application, where you will have the constant support of me as your Master. My goal is to help you master this innovative technique as easily as possible.

Benefits of Phi Ion Course?

The benefit of Phi Ion training is that by learning one technique, you gain the knowledge to perform many treatments that you will be able to offer to your clients. It is about various indications for Phi Ion treatment: from tightening the skin of the eyelids, tightening sagging skin on the face and body, reducing stretch marks, reducing scars and acne scars to removing changes from the skin such as milia, capillaries, papillomas, warts, fibromas, keratoses, cherry angiomas, blemishes. Another important benefit is that the investment in material for each treatment is small and the profit is high. What you need for this treatment is Phi Ion pen pro, electrode and knowledge to perform the technique correctly.

Benefits of online learning

Craft Master is an application for e-learning process. It is a unique new concept of teaching for different online courses in the beauty industry. Craft Master application is designed by Branko Babic methodology and know-how technique, to be a powerful learning platform in the industry that improves the skills and competitiveness. It can help to accelerate employee learning & development, deliver different levels of certification. The app provides specific experience and practical knowledge in different fields in the beauty industry.

Craft Master is a brand new concept of teaching the different techniques using a classroom system in a specially designed learning process.
Key benefits from learning microblading with the Craft Master application are:

– Saving traveling costs
– Saving your precious time
– Practicing whenever and wherever you want
– Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from me as your supervising Master.

Craft Masters teach people all around the world through the online application called the Craft Master. The students send their works which are graded until they get a certificate. The students have to pass each level, step by step, in order to obtain the certificate. Phi Ion course has 8 levels. The application contains lectures with plenty of video material and pictures that help students learn everything they need to know about the technique. It is supported by the Craft Master official technician, chemist, lawyer and doctor for all the questions that the students may have. The Craft Master also contains community part: chat, forum, shops, everything that a member of the Craft Master community needs.

What will you get?

a 3-month course on the Craft Master application,

Starter kit sent to your address with the following content:

  • PhiWipes Asept Wipes 20/1,
  • PhiWipes MakeUp Remover 20/1,
  • Phiion Pro kit,
  • PhiIon Pro Electrodes short 15 mm 10/1,
  • PhiIon Pro Electrodes long 30 mm 10/1,
  • PhiLings Black head remover,
  • Phi Marker Pen White,
  • Skin Candy Scar Protection 9/1,
  • Skin Candy After Care Balm 9/1,
  • PhiFoil Lips & Brows 200/1,
  • PhiFoil Face 100/1,
  • Fractional tip for PHI-ION PRO,
  • Acne tip for PHI -ION PRO
  • Support by me as your Master
  • Phi Academy Certificate upon completion of the course also sent to your address
  • Plus free and unlimited access to 3 more PhiAcademy courses in the form of lessons, Skin Expert Course, Hygiene course, First Class Service course


Lessons in the course

  1. Meet your master
  2. Dermatology
  3. Skin aging
  4. Efflorescences
  5. Hygiene standards
  6. Products
  7. Phi ion machine
  8. Preparate your client
  9. Treatments
  10. Contraindications
  11. The most frequent questions
  12. Photos before and after
  13. Work on live models, video material
  14. Levels

The course price

1,400 eur with delivery of starter kit

Important notice: Starter kit can’t be sent to Canada and Australia