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July 21Zoom
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Dear Philings Technicians,

– If you have already completed a Philings course and want to progress and improve even more in the field of plasma and microneedling techniques, then join me on the webinar where I will talk about capabilities of both devices, how to combine these two techniques and how to achieve the best results.

– I will also talk about the most common mistakes that students make and why they do not get the desired results.

– Philings Advanced course contains many lessons about microneedling face, body and hair technique and lessons about the new Phi Ion Pro device and technique ( with all extensions). Course contains lots of video instructions on how to work on a model, describing both techniques, step by step.

– This course is also great for all those who have completed a Philings course with an old phi ion pen and have bought or are just planning to buy a new phi ion pen pro. That way you get a lot of opportunities to work and achieve great results.

– If you are ready for a completely new level of work, now is the time to sign up!!

Can’t wait to help you in your development!
See you soon,

The webinar will take place on the zoom platform on July 21 at 8pm CET.

Time zones:
London: 7pm
Dubai: 10 pm
Miami: 2 pm
New York: 2 pm
LA: 11 am

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