How Much Does Plasma Pen Treatment Cost

Prices for plasma fibroblast treatments vary from country to country. I noticed that the prices in Europe are different from the ones in the USA. Since I have students all over the world, these are some of the prices I acquired researching. Prices in Europe range from €200 to €1,500 and in the USA from $300 to $2,000.

What affects the price of plasma fibroblast treatment:

1. The size and position of the area you are working on. Will you work on an area with smaller wrinkles (€200) or larger wrinkles and sagging skin (€500-700) or neck (€600-800) or the whole belly to tighten the skin (€800-1000); will you remove one wart (€40) or remove many warts from the whole neck (€500); tighten the eyelids (€300-500) * this is an average price that can vary depending on the market.

2. Degree of your expertise (whether you are a certified technician or not), whether you are a beginner or an experienced technician. If you are a beginner, you will not have the same prices as someone who is already an experienced technician, the prices will be a bit lower, but very soon you will reach the full price of your services, as your experience and self-confidence grow. Certification certainly gives you credibility, knowledge, and the opportunity to quickly become an expert.

3. Average prices on the market where you work. It is definitely better to be on average on the market where you work and not deviate too much. When you gain a lot of experience, great results, and clients, then you can dictate prices and increase them if you want.
You may have wondered how long it will take you to return the money you invested in the course. The truth is, it’s up to you. How hard you work on presenting the technique, how much you are ready to practice what you have learned and apply it.
But what is a fact and what my students have proven is that, on average, it takes about 6 treatments to regain your investment. Most of my students, while still attending the course (which lasts 3 months) manage to get their money back. In my opinion, this is a fantastic and very quickly worthwhile investment.
So, let’s launch your business to the stars, together now!
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