How To Make An Offer For Your Ideal Clients And Gain Their Trust

To present your salon in a professional way and leave a good impression on the clients, you need to make an offer in your salon.

This can be done in the most effective way by categorizing the treatments you offer to your clients. You need to have a clear selection of treatments, and the exact choice of treatments that you offer to your clients for a particular problem.

Do you offer manual techniques or apparatus techniques?

You can figure out how to make the best combination of both treatments, and which combination would solve your clients’ problems in the best possible way and achieve the best possible results.

The treatments can be categorized based on age, skin type, and the current condition of the client’s skin as well as the season.

Can clients buy products in your salon, too?

You can also include products in the program and make a complete offer for your clients depending on what is being treated and which problem it is about.

If, for example, acne is treated, one type of program should be made, and if wrinkles are treated, a completely different program should be offered to your clients.

If you don’t sell products, it is good to have a range of products that you can recommend to your client to buy. It is necessary to be fully supportive when it comes to skincare.

When a selection is made in this way, and the offer is completed, the client is given a clear and precise solution to the problem.

Take time for your work and write everything down.

In this way, you offer a client who, for instance, wants to get rid of wrinkles, treatment for removing wrinkles, noting how often he/she must come for treatments and which products he/she will buy from you in order to take care of him/her in the best possible way. Be honest and realistic, every client loves and appreciates it.

That’s why each client is approached individually and professionally, with a clear solution for him/her.

Your goal is not to do only one treatment but to have a quality offer so that the client has a reason to come to you constantly.

The main goal is that with our QUALITY offer we actually make an IRRESISTIBLE offer for our clients that will solve the problem.

If you solve their problem, they will ask you what else you have in your offer.

It’s called trust.

So, he/she will bring you a friend, then a mother, then a sister, and each of them will do this. And when you have clients who trust you and you introduce a new technique in the salon, they don’t even ask but come to try it because they believe in you and your quality, and they know that you take care of them offering only the best.

In this way, we gain a BASE of our clients who trust us and whose specific problems we are solving.

When you have a good foundation and know what you have at your disposal and what kind of clients come to you, whose problems you are solving, and whether you need support in terms of a new device or a new technique, you will know how you are going to make progress in the future.

Then it will be easier for you to promote the treatment packages you have made. Then you will know what your unique program is and what makes you recognizable.

And you should know that your client will want only your salon, not once but always!

Try it and let me know what your impressions are, and of course the results.

I wish you a lot of luck and fun during your work.