How can you become a Master too

What is Master and how can you become a Master too?

I believe that you already know that the path of an entrepreneur is not easy. There is a saying that goes “Fortune favours the bold”. I think that happiness always finds diligent and persistent ones. I deeply believe in experience, quality, and honest work. I just learned in the meantime that work doesn’t always have to be hard, but well organized and easy.

I’ve already told you how much I worked, even on the weekends. My salon was my window to the world, and I believed that my window was the best. Today in my salon I introduced treatments that are charged more, I learned to delegate to employees, and I earn extra, passing on my knowledge to others.

Today’s story takes us back to the time when I joined the Phi Academy. It was the first step towards a life that I designed exactly the way I wanted!

Before I tell you how to go from student to Master, I want to mention who are the most successful members of the Academy. These people are those who stand out for the quality of their work, but also loyalty, sharing knowledge with colleagues, communication skills, and creating a positive atmosphere for work.

Phi Academy teaches you that success is not only achieved by completing a course but also by improving your skills and attitude towards success. Whether it’s facial or eyebrow treatment, at Phi Academy you gain skills, but also learn how to make your salon hygienically flawless, how to communicate with clients, how to adopt the necessary marketing knowledge, and much more that is needed today to succeed.

Finally, at Phi Academy, learn how to manage your success so that it lasts as long as possible.

From Student to Master in 6 steps:

Hexaplan is a 6-step advancement plan at Phi Academy.

Student, Technician, Senior Technician, Master Assistant, Master, and Grand Master.

When a Phi Academy student completes basic training (online or live) and passes all levels in the Craftmaster application, he becomes a Technician for a particular technique. Then the Technician can become a Senior Technician, but first, he has to work on improving his skills and knowledge for at least 6 months, be active on social networks, and present his best works in Phi Academy Facebook groups, as well as on Instagram.

The successful Technician then has the opportunity, under the watchful eye of the Phi Academy, to conduct a number of monitoring sessions in order to become a Master Assistant.

Here you can see how Branko Babic, founder, and owner of Phi Academy, describes the hexaplan:

After the Master Assistant title, the proposal for the Master title is sent. The master with whom the student has completed the training sends a proposal to the Academy. It often happens that the Academy sees talented and active students and proposes them as masters.

The master must meet certain conditions in order to join the academy, but in order to survive and be a member, it is necessary to fulfill a certain number of training per year.

For the most talented and ambitious Masters, the biggest challenge is the title of Grand Master, also the highest level of the Phi Academy. In order to achieve this valuable title, it is necessary to implement new techniques and styles to the Phi Academy, but also to become recognizable in professional circles of the beauty industry.

Every successful Senior Technician, Master Assistant, Master, or Grand Master has the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other students who need help and additional training during their studies at the Phi Academy.

There is a possibility of earning money even after the first step at the Academy. As a graduate Technician, you are already positioned on the map of the Academy and you have both the knowledge and the certificate to be able to start working and earning. As you climb the stairs, you have more chances for higher earnings, building, and strengthening your name in the beauty industry.

So, if you want to have income from multiple sources, if you like to spread your knowledge to others and enjoy it, you are ready for teamwork and meeting people around the world, write me to email, and I will give you advice from my own experience.