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Today, the Phi Academy is a leading academy in the world of cosmetics – it runs 58 beauty courses, has 220 lecturers and 570 beauty products and is present in 154 countries worldwide.

The Academy offers online and group live courses.

– Every student who completes a one-day or two-day group live course gets access to the Craft Master application, where they continue training for the next three months, with my master support. The application contains all the lessons and video material on how to carry out a treatment, step-by-step, so students can master the techniques quickly and easily. After that, the student passes the required levels and finally gets a Phi Academy certificate.
– Each online student has an immediate access to the Craft Master application and goes through the same steps, gets the same lessons, video material and diploma as a student from group live training.
– All students, both in online and group live training, receive a starter kit with the material needed for their work, as well as a machine, depending on the type of starter kit that was purchased with the training.

Craft Master app

The Craft Master application is a completely new online learning concept whereby the application contains the entire the training material. The application contains a lot of theoretical and video material relating to the course with very precise instructions for quick learning and mastering the techniques. The benefits of learning through the online platform are as follows: you save travel costs and valuable time; you can study and practice wherever and however much you want, and I, as a master supervisor, will provide you with precise and dedicated guidance.

One of the basic benefits of this type of learning is that you can become a student right away.


Before and after 👏👏👏 @boldbrows_anapaularomero well done ✔️ ...

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Microneedling is one of the most common techniques when it comes to treating the area around the eyes.

If you want to expand the number of services in your salon, as well as the number of satisfied clients, read the tips that I highlighted as important based on my many years of experience both with clients and with numerous students.

Look at all the tips and write me in the comments your opinion about this.

P. S. The Philings course is a unique opportunity to learn this technique. I am here to be your mentor.

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Before/after plasma fibroblast treatment for wrinkles 📍great results created my amazing student @pestanas.y.cejas.maria.deac


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Each of our clients is a story in itself. That is why it is extremely important to pay close attention to each of them, to understand what their skin problems are, and to offer them a solution with a kind approach. Building trust is of great importance if we want clients to trust us and return to our salon.

In today's video, I tell you why the individual approach is important and what are the key things we should focus on.

If you need any help with this topic, don't forget that I am here for all your questions. Text me in DM, and I will be glad to answer you.

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One device and 3 different tips📍more about phi ion click the link in my bio🤍

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In the Phi-Ion course, you will master:

♡ perfectly aligned dots
♡ precise intensity
♡ proper surface area size.

In short, everything you need to know for a flawless treatment.

This is the work of my student Edyta who followed the instructions from the Phi-Ion course and quickly and easily achieved perfect results.

She learned the technique for correctly performing a large number of treatments.
I am always so proud of my students when I see their good results in a short time.

If you also want to master the fibroblast technique and reach noticeable results like Edyta,

📩 write me on dm
📧 send me an email on

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Increase your income. I will teach you how. 👇

In today's video, I talk about how important it is to raise your offer and attract premium customers to your beauty center.

Watch the video to the end and write to me if you have any questions about this topic or about the interactive online courses where you will acquire the necessary skills.

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💫Learn how to solve: wrinkles, acne scars, scars, stretch marks, eyelids lifting, neck lifting, removal of skin lesions. Click the link in my bio📍Phi ion course.

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Which technique is better - plasma pen or microneedling?

I often get this question from future students who want to improve their skills and choose a course that is right for them.

Both techniques have their advantages, but many years of experience tell me that in certain situations the best effects are achieved when they are combined.

Is plasma pen better than microneedling, or the opposite, when they are used, and what effects do they achieve, you can read on my blog - in the text called „Is Plasma Pen better than Microneedling?" The link is in my bio 📍@jelena_misic_grandmaster

If you have additional questions for me, feel free to contact me:
📩 write me dm
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⭐️another before/after that makes happy you and your clients ⭐️ perfect work and video of my amazing student @pestanas.y.cejas.maria.deac 👏👏👏🤍

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Are you seeking a game-changing approach to address your clients' diverse skin concerns? Look no further than the Phibright techniques!

In today's post, I highlighted the main benefits of this remarkable technique.

Discover the advantages that will leave you mesmerized:

1️⃣ Suitable for various skin concerns and areas: Whether your clients are battling hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or dullness, the Phibright techniques are your go-to solution. This versatile approach targets a wide range of skin concerns and can be applied to various areas of your face and body.
With Phibright starter kit, you will meet the power of customized beauty!

2️⃣ Collagen stimulation for youthful radiance: These techniques stimulate collagen production, promoting a natural boost in elasticity and firmness.

3️⃣ Skin rejuvenation at its finest: Phibright techniques work their magic by rejuvenating complexion from within. Your clients will experience a revitalized and refreshed look.

4️⃣ Enhanced product absorption: Maximize the effectiveness of your client's skincare routine. By preparing their skin through the Phibright techniques, you create a perfect canvas for enhanced product absorption.

5️⃣ Non-Invasive and minimal downtime: Phibright techniques offer an alternative to invasive procedures, ensuring minimal downtime and discomfort. Your clients will say goodbye to lengthy recoveries and hello to immediate results.

Watch how your favorite serums and tools like microneedling pen or inject roller, deliver astonishing results - sign up for the Phibright course even today.

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