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Today, the Phi Academy is a leading academy in the world of cosmetics – it runs 58 beauty courses, has 220 lecturers and 570 beauty products and is present in 154 countries worldwide.

The Academy offers online and group live courses.

– Every student who completes a one-day or two-day group live course gets access to the Craft Master application, where they continue training for the next three months, with my master support. The application contains all the lessons and video material on how to carry out a treatment, step-by-step, so students can master the techniques quickly and easily. After that, the student passes the required levels and finally gets a Phi Academy certificate.
– Each online student has an immediate access to the Craft Master application and goes through the same steps, gets the same lessons, video material and diploma as a student from group live training.
– All students, both in online and group live training, receive a starter kit with the material needed for their work, as well as a machine, depending on the type of starter kit that was purchased with the training.

Craft Master app

The Craft Master application is a completely new online learning concept whereby the application contains the entire the training material. The application contains a lot of theoretical and video material relating to the course with very precise instructions for quick learning and mastering the techniques. The benefits of learning through the online platform are as follows: you save travel costs and valuable time; you can study and practice wherever and however much you want, and I, as a master supervisor, will provide you with precise and dedicated guidance.

One of the basic benefits of this type of learning is that you can become a student right away.


💫What an amazing workshop in Madrid ❤️congratulations to new students and welcome to PhiAcademy🤗Big thanks to my dear colleague and friend Nereu @masternereumatias for amazing organization ❤️ ...

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Instagram vs Reality 😅🤩😂

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📍You've already completed the Phillings course and are wondering what's next? How to level up? Of course, Philings Advanced is the answer💯
If you want to improve your philings technique and master literally everything from microneedling and plasma techniques then this is your right choice.
✅Course contains all the lessons about the new phi ion pro pen plus fractional and acne extensions and full microneedling technique. It means full phi ion course plus full microneedling course for face and body.
✅Course price is 1050eur including starter kit and sending costs.
✅See the link in the description of my profile or write me dm and go now! See you again at the craft master to go even further and better!🚀
I'm really looking forward to it🤗❤️
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Bye bye fibroma🤩 easily, quickly, safely, precisely. All that with phi ion pen✅✅✅ Learn how to do it wimy phi ion online course. Link is in my bio : @jelena_misic_grandmaster PHI ION ONLINE COURSE Get the title Phi ion Technician!!!
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💫”We are what we think. All that we arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.”

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✨With the plasma fibroblast treatment, we remove: wrinkles on the whole face, loose skin on the face and body, stretch marks, scars, and fibromas, warts, keratoses...
📍To learn how to do this treatments click on link in my bio: @jelena_misic_grandmaster PHI ION COURSE ✅
❤️this amazing video is done by my dear student @phistudio_mary_ferreri ❤️
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📍Plasma fibroblast is excellent for tightening skin folds and reducing skin wrinkles. It is excellent for reducing scars and stretch marks.
🤩this great job is done by my amazing student @bylidiamartinez_pmu 👏👏
📍If you want to learn how to do this treatments check the link in my bio: @jelena_misic_grandmaster PHI ION COURSE✅

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✨The power is always in your belief✨❤️
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🤩This is an excellent example of what happens to the skin after plasma fibroblast treatment. The skin is tighter and definitely looks better! This work was done by my wonderful student @edytazielinska_pmu 📍If you want to do this kind of treatments, see the link in the description of my profile: @jelena_misic_grandmaster PHI ION COURSE ✅
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📍Phibright is easy to learn and great for beginners. If you haven't done facial treatments before, this is the ideal treatment to get into this area. You can do it to everyone, you can't go wrong, the application calculates which cocktail they will use. Excellent treatment for a small investment and a great profit.
📍click on link in my bio to start to learn Phibright technique now✅
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