How Did I Become More Precise In My Work?

First thing you think is plasma pen? I remember the period when I started performing very precise treatments. Those were treatments such as permanent makeup, plasma fibroblasts, lipolysis, mesotherapy, etc. I needed a calm hand and an even calmer mind.

I did not know then that the state of mind moves the hand. Yes, if I am mentally insecure my hand will be insecure and unstable. It was not clear to me why my hand was not always calm in some situations. As I strengthened my self-confidence and worked on my skills, both mental and professional, everything changed.

I completed many professional education courses related to facial and body treatments, and it gave me the confidence to be professionally strong and to stand in front of a client full of knowledge, to know exactly what I am doing, how the treatment is performed, and how it benefits them.

On the other hand, I have completed many psychological workshops to re-examine my own values, to tell myself how much I am worth, and what my human values are, and not just professional ones. To tell myself that I am valuable primarily as a being, and not as a top skin therapist. Even today, I work with my psychologist once a week and I love working on myself! It means to me both in private and in a business sense. Even today, I buy professional education courses that are meant to improve my work and be useful to my students and clients.


The development of these two segments that make me very happy and that I am constantly working on contributed that I become mentally stable and then automatically my hand became very secure!


These are my tips, which I always tell my students, how to achieve precision in work and to be calm. It is especially useful if you are doing or planning to do treatments such as plasma fibroblast or permanent makeup, especially on sensitive regions, and when the treatment may be a bit painful and the client is nervous and moves.


  1. Practice technique and hand position every day. At the very start, it is great to practice on a banana, or artificial skin, try to do ten rows and you will see how much better you are than at the beginning. When you start working on a client, you will start with smaller areas that are not so sensitive.
  2. Exercise calmness and strengthen your self-confidence. Breathing techniques will give you ease of work since clients can sense when you believe in your work and feel secure, but also when you are not. When you are nervous, they become even more. I love the insight timer app, where there are many meditations that help me calm down and focus.
  3. While doing treatments, play soothing music and work without distraction.


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