Remove Crow’s Feet And Loose Skin Under The Eye

THE PLASMA FIBROBLAST TREATMENT is the absolute winner when it comes to treating tightened skin around the eyes.

Today I want to write to you and show you a video about one of my favorite kinds of treatment – i.e., the plasma pen treatment. I am in love with this kind of treatment because my clients and students simply adore it, and the reason why they adore it is because it yields terrific results! This is a kind of treatment that is very successful in treating crow’s feet centrally under the eye.

In my opinion, this is the best kind of treatment for tightening excess skin in this area.

The results are really phenomenal after just one treatment session. Be sure that, when performing plasma treatment, you will be treating clients with “loose” skin and excess skin. This technique is definitely the best one when it is necessary to tighten excess skin. Botox can affect this area to a certain degree, but just laterally, while it is impossible to find a better kind of treatment than plasma pen treatment when it comes to the area just under the eye.

Plasma Pen treatment includes a gentle needle prick, which is accompanied by a mild feeling of warmth. Anesthesia is necessary and treatment under anesthesia in the form of a cream is not painful at all. The duration of this treatment may vary from a few minutes to one hour depending on the size of the area where treatment is performed. Adverse effects may include mild redness, scabs, mild swelling under the eye (on the upper eyelid the swelling may be larger). The rest period may vary, and you may recommend to your client that he/she should rest for 2 to 4 days, due to mild swelling and scabs.

Watch the video, and in it, you will see how I perform the PLASMA FIBROBLAST TREATMENT in the eye area and around the eye.

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