Philings je kurs u kome učiš da radiš Plazma i Microneedling tehniku. Tehnike se mogu raditi zajedno ili odvojeno.

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PhiLings Advanced

Philings Advanced predstavlja kurs koji te uči kako da nadogradiš znanje iz Philings tehnike. Predstavlja perfekcioni trening.

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Phibright je kurs u kome učis da radiš Microneedling tehniku i Inject Roler tehniku, koristeći inovativne personalizovane koktele tokom izvođenja tretmana, kao i za negu kože nakon tretmana.

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Phi Ion

Na Phi Ion kursu, naučićete kako da koristite plasma pen uređaj, u cilju osvežavanja i podmlađivanja kože, poboljšanja stanja kože, kao i uklanjanja promena sa površine kože.

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Spot Reducer

Spot Reducer predstavlja kurs koji te uči kako se izvodi tehnika uklanjanja fleka sa kože frio penom

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Watching successful people from beside we just see them on the top and we usually just wish to get to the same place as soon as possible.
Rarely anyone sees the road that someone has to pass in order to get to the top.

That highest peak is achievable to anyone, but it does take major steps and a lot of effort to get there. To become a successful Phi Master there are 5 steps to be obtained.

In today's video, I am revealing to you my road to success.
Listen carefully because it can also be your road to a successful Phi Master, who travels all around the globe and makes the lives of other people better in multiple ways.

As a Phi master and your educator, I will be there for you, supporting you through the whole journey. 😊

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💫When the inflammatory processes are resolved and after many classic skin cleansing treatments, it is the turn of microneedling, which will speed up the regeneration process and reduce acne scars.
❤️This amazing job is done by: @_katryncecchini_phi 👏👏👏

💫Learn how to do microneedling treatments, click on link in my bio: Philings course

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💫Special patern for eyelids lifting ✅✅ Great job done by my dear student @bylidiamartinez_pmu 👏
📍learn how to do it, click on link in my bio and start with phi ion course 📍

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💫🤩Luxury in Belgrade✨ ...

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💫When you can’t decide, take all three pairs😄🥰❤️life loves you🤗 ...

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💫 “People get what they want in life when they reach the point at which they can see themselves having what they seek.” ❤️

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💫Philings is a great for dehydrated skin, dry skin or oily and problematic skin📍click the link in my bio and see more about Philings course. P.s you can start today with your online course if you want ❤️

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💫Phi ion technique 🤩🤩
📍click the link in my bio to see more about phi ion:
❤️this amazing job is done by my dear student

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💫Philings is amazing technique for saggy skin on eyelids as well as skin with wrinkles ✅ In Philings bonus is microneedling technique ✅ To learn how to do both treatments properly and achieve results check the link in my bio📍Philings course
🤩This amazing job is done by my dear student @sk__beautycare

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💫My favorite kind of treatments!! Transformation!!🥰🥰 Great job done by @_katryncecchini_phi
Love it❤️👏👏👏 Do you like to make transformation on your clients??

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💫Philings workshop Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 10th & 11th September 🔜✅
Email for all info: gaga03@live.se

See you soon 🔜❤️

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