Which Investment Is The First One In a Beauty Center

Perhaps you’re going to open your first beauty center. Here you will learn how to set things properly from the very beginning.

If you already have your own beauty center, read the following text, and check the situation in your salon. It will be useful to you.

What’s most important is your “temple” where it all starts. Your salon is your message to the client. That space represents you, your sensibility, and what is important to you.

If you pay attention to every single detail, the complete image will definitively be much better.

It can even send a message to the client that it is about a person with extremely high business standards which automatically gives confidence. And it matters most when it comes to this kind of work.

These are some questions that are important for a good business start-up:

  1. How is your space arranged? Is it always clean and is it renovated/painted occasionally and refreshed with new details?
  2. What is the atmosphere like, is it pleasant with delightful music and nice lighting?
  3. Is the reception of the clients at a highly professional level including good reception and accommodation, with offered drink and coffee?
  4. Do you have a folder for each client individually where you run his case, with pictures of the before and after results?
  5. Are all elements in the reception rooms clean?
  6. Do you have advertising flyers or video material changing on the screen with the presentation of all your services?
  7. Are all elements in the rooms where treatments are done impeccably clean? Our beds and bed linens are clean with disposable covers and are they changed after every client?
  8. Do you and your employees know how to present all the techniques you offer to your clients in detail, with explanations of how each treatment works and which is the best combination of treatments for your client and why?
  9. Are the uniforms always impeccably clean and are the gloves used only for one client?

Answer these questions for yourself and find out whether there is any field where you can give more energy to improve it. Clients can feel when you are committed to your work and when you are there for them and for the solution to their problem, which is basically our mission, right? 🙂