Why Your Work Is Not So Visible On Social Media

I have noticed that most students make mistakes when taking photos of their results, before and after the treatment.

I found it very important, for those who want to progress at the Academy to master this step. Also, it is important for all of you who want to be more visible on social media, to present your work and attract more clients.

If we achieve great results we have to learn how to take great photos, too 🙂

I have here a few tips that will help you to have your efforts and commitment evaluated and photographed with quality:

1. The shooting angle should be identical in photos before and after.

2. The light must be strong and used before and after equally, with the same intensity. (I use glamcore or ring light )

3. The camera should be of good quality. (I use sony a7iii and lens 24 70mm or iPhone 11pro) You can take great photos with a phone too but the quality is definitely better with a camera.

4. Focus on the “problem” at the skin and zoom just that zone.

– Here are steps if you’re interested in continuing your progress at Phi Academy and becoming a Senior Technician – Royal Artist.

– It is recommended that you are active in our Facebook groups ( Philings or Phibright world community and World beauty forum):

– To post your results in groups when you receive certification with a technician title and logo.

– To support your colleagues and commentators, if someone needs help and you can help.

– To follow instructions about making great quality photos.

After 6 months from your graduation, you gain the right to apply for the title of Senior Technician. Choose different examples and the most representative ones.

An artist who wants to become Senior Technician should fill-up the form, which is available at this link:

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