You damaged the client’s skin with Plasma Pen

You have caused damage to your client’s skin due to incorrect handling of the plasma pen device. The client is angry and scared, and you don’t know how to react?

Let’s see first what is the possible cause of incorrect handling of the device. I will share with you one of my student’s stories.

My student has just finished the course. She had very good results and was ready to work independently. Her clients were already very interested in the new techniques she introduced to her salon. She was eager for experience and knowledge, so she did not reject any client.

So one day a woman came into her salon with huge undereye bags and a surplus of skin.

And she was a perfect candidate for phiion plasma pen treatment. They scheduled her appointment.

Because of the hustle and fatigue, my student wasn’t so careful. She went inch by inch but her work was not as gentle and superficial as it should have been. She left a deep mark on the circles around her client’s eyes. The swelling was increasing and she was aware that the patient will wake up with a huge swelling in the morning. She panicked and forgot to react calmly in that situation.

When she recovered a little, she remembered to emphasize to the client that every detail of aftercare is very important.

She also remembered asking her Master for advice (me), and she had Dr. Phi at her disposal.

The situation may have ended badly, both for the client and for her, but she came to her senses and remembered the important things she learned in the course.


So listen to me carefully now:

Swelling is a normal thing with this procedure. And it will always appear, more or less.

Always remember that this is a sensitive area and should never be worked on too intensively. Going gentle and superficial is the right measure, and do not think that higher intensity of the device will lead to better results.

You can always recommend your client to use anti-swelling pills, which they can buy at the first pharmacy. You can also advise the client to use cold compresses, for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.

Aftercare is obligatory and very important as well as protection of the skin from the sun when scabs fall from the skin.

You can also consult our doctors at Phiapp (dr.Phi) if you have any questions or concerns.

The time of passing the side effects after the Phiion plasma pen procedure is 3 to 7 days. 10 days at most.

– If there was damage to the skin in the form of dark spots, it happened because the procedure was done too deep or the client was exposed to the sun after treatment without physical protection and SPF cream. And now the only way to speed up regeneration is to use a vitamin C cream as well as a microneedling treatment. * Several treatments with an interval of 2 weeks between treatments.

– If the damage has left traces in the form of tiny scars from the spots, in that case, it is good to apply creams that will improve skin regeneration (such as contetubex, cicaplast, cicalfate). Microneedling treatment or derma roller treatment will also help in this case. * Several treatments with an interval of 2 weeks between treatments.

I want to emphasize that the most important thing is the health and well-being of the client. We must never put our interests ahead of the truth and well-being of our clients.