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Today, the Phi Academy is a leading academy in the world of cosmetics – it runs 58 beauty courses, has 220 lecturers and 570 beauty products and is present in 154 countries worldwide.

The Academy offers online and group live courses.

About Me

My name is Jelena Mišić.

After graduating from the College of Medical Health Studies in Belgrade and completing my work practice at the Department of Dermatology of the General Hospital in Loznica, I became the owner of a cosmetic studio in 2004.

Sixteen years of experience in the field of anti-aging treatment, treatment of problematic acne skin, microneedling, mesotherapy, lipolysis, hyaluronic fillers, removal of benign skin changes, permanent makeup and microblading has led to cooperation with the Phi Academy.



Philings is a course where students learn to do Plasma and Microneedling techniques. The techniques can be done together or separately.

PhiLings Advanced

The Philings Advanced course teaches you how to upgrade your knowledge of the Philings technique. It is aimed at further perfecting your skills.


With the certified Phibright course you will learn all about microneedling and the inject roller technique.


PhiIon course

In the Phi Ion course, you will learn how to use a plasma pen device for the purpose of skin rejuvenation, improving the condition of the skin and removing changes from the skin.



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In today's video, I am revealing to you my road to success.
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As a Phi master and your educator, I will be there for you, supporting you through the whole journey. 😊

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💫When the inflammatory processes are resolved and after many classic skin cleansing treatments, it is the turn of microneedling, which will speed up the regeneration process and reduce acne scars.
❤️This amazing job is done by: @_katryncecchini_phi 👏👏👏

💫Learn how to do microneedling treatments, click on link in my bio: Philings course

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💫Special patern for eyelids lifting ✅✅ Great job done by my dear student @bylidiamartinez_pmu 👏
📍learn how to do it, click on link in my bio and start with phi ion course 📍

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💫Philings is a great for dehydrated skin, dry skin or oily and problematic skin📍click the link in my bio and see more about Philings course. P.s you can start today with your online course if you want ❤️

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💫Phi ion technique 🤩🤩
📍click the link in my bio to see more about phi ion:
❤️this amazing job is done by my dear student

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💫Philings is amazing technique for saggy skin on eyelids as well as skin with wrinkles ✅ In Philings bonus is microneedling technique ✅ To learn how to do both treatments properly and achieve results check the link in my bio📍Philings course
🤩This amazing job is done by my dear student @sk__beautycare

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💫My favorite kind of treatments!! Transformation!!🥰🥰 Great job done by @_katryncecchini_phi
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💫Philings workshop Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 10th & 11th September 🔜✅
Email for all info:

See you soon 🔜❤️

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Madrid, Spain

Norma Benítez Garay

My impression of the course and the Master was magnificent. I liked it a lot, everything was very well explained. I loved it. It has been very useful, innovative, one more treatment to offer clients to improve their quality of life, I love it!

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Marta Nocelo

Dear Jelena, Thank you very much for this wonderful course. You have given me a lot of knowledge with this course. I am very happy to have done this course, the results are spectacular. At the moment I am starting but of course, I know that this treatment will make my business grow. It is a pleasure to have met you. Thank you so much for everything!

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Laura Arcelia Méndez López

“I am delighted with the attention of my master, even though I take my course online, everything is fully detailed. Always on the lookout and explaining everything to me. I think that taking this course is a great complement to my beauty salon. It gives me another margin of attention to my clients.”

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Florida, USA

Liuba Arbolaez

Phi ion pen is an excellent course. I’m super happy about my decision to take this course and Master Jelena Misic has been a wonderful teacher. She made everything so clear and guides me every step, answering all my questions and explaining to me in detail every time I had a doubt. I’m super happy.
Thank you!!!
Phi ion course is a complete course and super beneficial because with this technique I learn different ways to help each client to resolve any concerns about their skin. I’m in love with the Phi ion technique. Thank you Master Jelena Misic and thanks to Phi Academy.

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Joseli Muñoz

I liked the course. I really felt comfortable applying the techniques and information. I learned to all levels, and Master Jelena always guided me through mistakes and showed me how I could be better.
One of the benefits I see in this course is the variety of techniques you learn and can offer to your clients.

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San Ramon, Costa Rica

Lileana Ibeth Baena Amador

PhiIon course is an excellent course, very complete, easy to understand.
The Master offers its support generously, has a very good methodology, and explains very clearly.
The course trains the student in a very complete way, all the important aspects have been taken into account to provide comprehensive training.

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Hastings, East Sussex Country, United Kingdom

Chiara Friello

“I thoroughly enjoyed the PhiLings Advanced Course. It was the perfect way to further expand my knowledge of the skin and my confidence in performing PhiLings treatments. Now that I have graduated, I feel much more knowledgeable and confident in how to perform a wider variety of treatments with the Microneedling and Plasma Fibroblast machines. The course is challenging because it goes into great depth and detail and requires determination, but now I feel extremely passionate and excited for the future.

I want to say a special thank you for being an excellent master and teacher and for having patience and faith in my abilities.”

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Wyandotte, Michigan, United States

Jasmyn Aguirre-Gomez

Taking the PhiLings Course with Master Jelena was definitely a great experience! I appreciate every comment and tip that she gave me that really helped me out throughout this course. Every question that I had she was always there to help me out. Definitely will take an advanced course in the future! This is an amazing course to take if anyone is interested in PhiLings and I definitely recommend it with Jelena Misic!

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Zhaleh Ebrahimi

I am forever indebted to you, my dear Master, and also to the Academy.I have made a lot of progress, I have been very successful in my work, as far as the whole country of Iraq now knows me. You are a source of pride.

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United Kingdom

Yenny Katherine Zamudio Jaramillo

This is a course that helps you acquire a lot of knowledge about the skin. As well as to put into practice in a simple and enjoyable way an innovative technique in the world of aesthetics.  It is an easy technique to learn but at the same time, you must be careful. For this reason, I believe that they have made an effort to detail very carefully all the factors that influence a good procedure. I just loved it. Thank you Master Jelena for putting all your knowledge into this beautiful course.

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Stefania Farrugia

It’s an interesting technique to rejuvenate the skin without any surgical intervention.
The master Jelena Misic was of great help and gave me tips to do a more precise job. Looking forward to doing more courses with you.

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Salma Nouini

The course is very useful in my work, especially Microneedling for hair and scars. Jelena Misić is very professional, attentive, and also helpful.

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Saamia Hassaan

Master Jelena Mišić work with patience and encourages me all the time and is also available for support promptly whenever I need her. She takes special interest in her students and her faith in me makes me work with perfection. I will recommend her to everyone who needs such constant support and excellence!
Work has a steady flow and my clients love my work and results. Extremely useful course and my work have doubled.

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Madeira, Portugal

Quélia Vieira

The Phi ion course is very well prepared, very well explained in detail, easy to understand.  It’s a fantastic technique that allows me to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. 
Master Jelena is super accessible, in addition to explaining everything very well, she has calm and fantastic energy.  It’s a pleasure to have you as my Phi ion master!  
Attached is my photo and I authorize you to use it when necessary.

Kind regards,
Quélia Vieira.

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Lubna El Oualid

Jelena was a great instructor and mentor. She made everything easy to understand, motivating her students with her bubbly personality and positive energy.
I have learned a lot from her and it was a pleasure to be her student.

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United Kingdom

Lidia Martinez Perez

My impressions of the course have been very positive. I think Jelena is very professional and has made my learning journey very easy. Craft Master is a great platform, and with Jelena’s support has been a really pleasant experience. I am very excited to keep working and getting the best feedback from her.

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United States

Jordan Nicolette

I felt like I could accurately perform both Microneedling and Plasma! I feel very confident in both of these treatments! So glad I had Jelena as my master. I will take the advanced course with her as well.
Thank you so much for everything!

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Grey Báez Navarro

I graduated from a technique that has made me fall in love with the results that I can offer my patients, an alternative to many skin conditions which I love, jelena is much more than a master’s degree, her great content in craftmaster makes training is an information bomb and all of it of immense value.  The theory, the explanatory videos of the step by step will make you get it perfect!  I cannot be more grateful for her teaching and her correction, she is my guide and I know that whenever she has any doubt or needs a correction she will be there, she is really a great teacher my admiration forever. Phiion is here to stay and make a lot of noise.

The benefits of the technique are wonderful, a wide variety of skin conditions and we can treat it with phion, guaranteed results and the vast majority of them immediate, a training without waste and above all very productive.

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Wien, Österreich

Dijana Matkovic Cikos

I am very pleased with the very concept of the online course and have learned a lot. Jelena is an extremely pleasant person. She knows how to explain and transfer knowledge. Although she is busy, she answers every question very quickly and kindly.

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United Kingdom

Desislava Hristova

It is one of the best courses I’ve ever done.
Treatment is great, results are great and Master Jelena is so professional, so helpful absolute star.
My master was always there when I needed her. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone in the beauty industry.

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Claudia Romero Rodríguez

I’m very satisfied with both the course is very complete and makes me loves this technique that I didn’t know and was afraid to practicum and Jelena gives me confidence and all the advice I need. She is an amazing person and teacher 

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Begoña Aparicio Moñita

Tratamiento novedoso con unos resultados increíbles.
Mi Master Jelena, gran profesional, amable y atenta.
Tiene unos beneficios increíbles que sólo se podrían conseguir con cirugía.

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Aránzazu García Gil

I think this is such an amazing technique. Jelena is a great professional and she has always answered all my questions very quickly and very kindly. She is wonderful. She is really patient and empathetic. I am really grateful to her for her attention.

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Texas, USA

Ana Gabriela Gonzalez

The course is useful and definitely, my work is changing offering my clients better results than just Microneedling, my first clients are happy and starting to recommend my work.
I love taking my course with Jelena. Her availability to teach give me confidence in each level to keep going, patience, and good explanations during doubts, definitely because of this I will recommend her to others.

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Toledo, Spain

Ana Alicia Martín

I am very satisfied with the course in general. I have learned to work on different problems and areas and I hope to continue advancing much more with practice and work
Now I can offer to my customers the possibility of trait changes in the skin and solve real problems with security and a good device and knowledge.
Jelena is amazing and super good master helping and having her support always for learn and understand well the process.

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Amina Serbieva

The course was great. At first, I was scared to go through it, but my mentor really supported me and showed patience. I am very grateful to Jelena Misic. I want to continue the autumn and go to the top.

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Faik Ghizlane Sarah

I want to share my joy with you, and thanks for all the help Grandmaster Jelena Misic.
I worked so hard for this title and I am so happy that I managed to make it !!!. 

I am extremely grateful for my new title of artist from PhiAcademy. 
Thank you very much Grandmaster Jelena Misic for teaching me the Philings technique
I wouldn’t be here now without you. You are a wonderful teacher. You pass on your knowledge to all your students so generously. I am very grateful for all the time you have invested in making us all better artists
You are an extraordinary woman with so much care, wisdom, and passion for your work. I look at you so much and I hope to continue to make you proud of my work.

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United States

Maria Isabel Zeita Cardenas

“Maria Isabel Zeita Cardenas

First of all, I recommend that you take the PhiLings / Microneedling / Reducer Spots / Advanced PhiLings course / because they are very clear courses, I consider that they have a lot of information that helps to better understand the procedures and also the structure of the skin. in addition to being taught by one of the best Academies in the world. I believe that being part of PhiAcademy also gives you prestige as a Student and later as an Artist, since PhiAcademy recognizes you Worldwide.

I highly recommend Master Jelena because she is a Master who is strict, and this helps us as students to give our best, to improve our performance, and to offer an excellent service that we can give it.
She is a Master who is always attentive to you, answers my questions quickly, advises you and helps you see clearly where you can improve, but what I like the most is that she has a lot of respect for her Students and is very kind.

I still want to take several courses, and I am sure that I will choose Master Jelena because she is a Professional when taking her courses.

Thank You Master Jelena
I Love You!

Maria Isabel Zeita Cardenas”

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United Kingdom

Tihana Besevic (Grkinic)

I am really happy with the outcome of the course, I never thought I will be 100% ready to do clients but I was. The course was very useful. I learned so much. I have happy clients.
And it increased my monthly income. Jelena is an amazing master. I am really pleased I have chosen her to be my Master and mentor. She is helping even when students finish the course. If I need any advice she is very happy to help.

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United Kingdom

Chiara Friello

“I completed the PhiLings course with Jelena. She is a fantastic PhiLings Master. She is very positive and supportive and passionate about her work. The course is challenging, but very enjoyable. I found the theory side of the course fascinating because I have a passion for anatomy and physiology. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge further in the future and studying the PhiLings advanced courses.

Chiara Friello
(Owner of Cosmética Beauty Clinic)”

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United Kingdom

Tracey Kelly

My name Is Tracey Kelly and I am a PhiLings Artist based in Torquay, Devon.
I did my training online with Jelena Misic.
I had no previous beauty experience as I rode horses professionally for 30 years before my training.
I found Jelena to be the most amazing teacher who has a lot of patience in explaining things to a beginner. Her knowledge of skin is second to none.
She still gives me advice now when needed at no cost.
She taught me so well that I had the honour of becoming a Royal Artist 6 months after qualifying.
I can’t recommend her highly enough and will be doing my advanced course with her in the future.

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Jasmine Tiffany Tan

I have decided to take up the Philings course online after seeing many amazing results of what it can do to many clients. The opportunities to treat different skin conditions excite me and i went on a search for a master that I can take the philings online course from. After looking at the work of different masters I decided to learn the technique from master Jelena Misic. This is probably one of the best decision I’ve made in my career! Master Jelena was very detailed and structured in delivering the course and skills. She is also very knowledgeable and I felt I was able to understand very quickly and clearly what she was trying to explain. I have decided to go for the advanced philings course soon again with Master Jelena and I look forward toward it! Thank you Master Jelena Misic for your meticulous and teaching!

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Tina Tran

Dear Master Jelena

It has been wonderful to have you as my online trainer in Philings basic and advance course. You have been such a remarkable teacher and mentor. I’m grateful for your patience and knowledge in all aspects of Philings techniques. Also, I appreciate the countless friendly messengers and email reminders you’ve sent me about how to make good pictures before and after for my work. I not only have learnt from you how to perfect my skills in skin treatment but also have learnt so much in how to present my work in the best possible way to show case them to others and especially to my clients. I enjoyed my training with you and the material in Craft Master Although it was not face to face but I feel you were always there for me whenever I need your guidance. I would not be able to gain my Philings Royal title artist or being so confident with my line of work in our industry without you. I really appreciate what you have taught me. Again, thank you for everything Master Jelena and thank you Phi Academy for making everything possible.

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Lynda Quinn O Connor

One of the best decisions I ever made was to do PhiLings Training , I am result driven in all that I do and PhiLings Advanced skin treatments delivers every time . Jelena is an amazing mentor with such attention to detail and abundance of knowledge and support which she so gratefully gives her students.

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Neda, Canada

I have had my basic and advanced Philings course with Master Jelena Misic and I was so happy that I chose her as my Master. She is very knowledgeable, patient and caring and very responsive when it comes to communication. All my questions have been answered professionally and I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of choosing a good Master. She has five stars from me.

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